Build Relations

It takes some time to gain the trust of people, often they are not very open right away. We like to visit people's homes. We have good conversations, and we also like to encourage them and pray for them. God guides it. We have noticed that women find it special when you want to visit them in their home, give them time, show interest, listen to them and show that you care. It's so good for their confidence. Often they have experienced enough what we can put before God together. When a good relationship has been built with them, they often come to the programs we organize in different places, where they can grow even more, learn about Jesus and provide a good basis for follow-up activities.


By means of testing gifts and talents, we make visible what people are good at and what they like to do. We try to stimulate entrepreneurship and chain collaboration in various places by housing entrepreneurs from a central location. Tailors, painters, gardeners, farmers, etc. We offer them a safe and inspiring environment, with a joint day opening in which people learn, train and coach to be self-sufficient; collaboration, social involvement, making and selling products yourself, purchasing materials yourself, financial management, etc.

Bible Study

We give Bible studies in various churches and villages. We try to match the topics with the target group. Through the Bible studies we want to encourage people to hear and learn to believe that they matter, that they are loved and important and that God has a plan for each of us. Many women feel inferior, but that is not how God intended them. By diving deeper into God's word, we can get to know Him more and more and build a more beautiful and deeper relationship with Him.


Prayer is our mighty weapon. It can be done anytime and anywhere. People always long for prayer and often come to us extra for it. How beautiful it is to come together to God and to let them continue encouragingly. God longs for His children.

Healing & Restoration

By offering healing courses, we want to set people free and help them process trauma. Most people have been through a lot. We want to support them in processing the past by inviting Jesus into it. God wants the best for everyone, especially these women, so that they can live even more fully with Him.


In most places where we are, there is little variety of food which affects the health of the local people. By setting up gardens and growing vegetables and fruit, we want to teach people to eat a more varied diet. Working together for better health.

Music lessons for children

Music lessons at a young age, from the age of group 4, often help to learn faster and better. By following an active music lesson program with the children, we stimulate the overall learning development. Local teenagers who have been taking lessons for longer support the lessons for the children, which also ensures social cross-pollination.

Hosting & Encouragement for groups

It is a blessing to be able to work with the local people and to seek God together, but there are also various groups from other places in the world who support the work of the Love and Liberty Foundation and are happy to contribute to the activities that we undertake in the various places. We receive groups, let them participate in the various programs and become acquainted with the local network of relations. We have seen that this does not leave people unmoved and often they say goodbye with a changed heart. We see how God is also dealing with them on these journeys. Share together, seek together, find together, God guides it!